The face you’ll make when you get a capital investment for your business

Get £1K to £100K in less than 24hrs


24hr to get funded


Faster than frying an egg… In less than 24 hr money will be ready in your bank account to use!

simple funding application

As simple as it gets!

Forget about the endless paperwork that banks force you to do- that is so the 90s. Welcome to the future- quick and simple…just the way we like it.

you can relay on us to get your business funded

We’ve got you covered!

We are passionate about making your funding experience the best one there is. We understand the needs of a business and the importance of getting the right access to capital.

We believe our Royalties investment is *The Best* way for a business to obtain Working Capital. We have the highest approval rating in the Financial Services industry due to our Royalties Investment platform. 

Custom Payoff Plans

We have a program designed to let you terminate the royalty agreement should you no longer need the investment. Based on the conditions of your investment balance, you may be eligible to return the remaining investment funds at a discounted rate.

Funding For Online Merchants

As an Online seller, whether a Shopify® store or an Amazon® seller, you need to stock up way ahead of sales revenue. We have a plan designed to work exactly for you! We accept Processing statements from all the e-commerce platforms. 

No Personal Guarantee or Collateral

Our Royalties investments are made in return for a portion of your on-going sales revenue. We do not require personal guarantee to qualify for a Royalties investment. The collateral is your sales. No need to risk your personal property with our Royalties Investments.

Working Capital Up To £100K

Based on an analysis of your business’s on-going revenue, we will determine our max investment amount. We want to make sure that your business is able to utilize the investment in a way that will not overburden the healthy operation of your business.

Working Capital Up To £100K

Business Funds For Any Credit: at Got Capital we believe that determining your business worth based on Credit Score is a miss. We look into other indicator to determine Royalties Investment legibility. If you have poor credit you and still apply!

Our track record at a glance

15 Years

Operating since 2007


£300,000,000+ in small business investments


12 thousands business received funds

Compare with Others

Got Capital Others
Approval Speed 24 hours Up to 3 months
Approval Criteria Overall business health Credit score & collateral
Application Process Simple and easy to understand Detailed & complex
Minimum Time In Business 3 months 2 years
Funding Amount £1,000 and up £100,000 and up
Restrictions On Use Of Funds Any Business Purpose Specific purpose
Personal Guarantee or Collateral Not required Required

Case Studies

Payroll concerns solved

John knows his employees must be top priority – but he’s landed a great opportunity to turn a big profit. Got Capital allowed John to do both!

Pizza Oven Broke. Oh Oh..

Lightning does strike twice! Tony’s kitchen burned down, but Tony had the resources to recover.                        Do you?

Seasonal Business?

Staying on top of your expenses is tough during a slow season, especially for Gloria. She contacted GotCapital, and Spring came early!

Expand Your Business

Chen needed quick financing to expand his business, but his bank wasn’t able to help him. Watch now!                                                       .

Steve Earnshaw
Steve Earnshaw
Got Capital stepped in where other companies feared to tread and helped us to sort out our cash flow problems. Sam was most helpful and everything was as smooth and simple as can be. We are most grateful for the help given to us in our hour of need.
Muhammad Aslam
Muhammad Aslam
Its one of the best service i got refinanced in a single amazing service will always use got capital for my business will recommend it to others aswell
Paul Bulloch
Paul Bulloch
Fast, efficient and friendly service. Samuel handled our enquiry well and worked with us to find the right solution. Recommend.
Avi Milman
Avi Milman
Macdonald onakpovhie
Macdonald onakpovhie
Wesley Finch
Wesley Finch
Sam was very friendly, extremely efficient and really took the time to understand my situation and meet my needs. Would highly recommend Got Capital. Thanks guys.
Michelle Clements
Michelle Clements
Great company to work with. Quick and efficient. No hesitation in recommending them and working with them again in the future.
Jonny Thompson
Jonny Thompson
Really simple, quick and easy process. Can't recommend Anthony highly enough, always does everything he can to help.
Chris Raywood
Chris Raywood
Great service from Anthony at Got Capital UK. Very fast service. Would recommend.
Mark Ritchie
Mark Ritchie
Excellent service again, everything went smoothly and cannot say enough about Samuel brilliant service thank you
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    Our current guideline limits investments to businesses that have a minimum of £5,000 in monthly revenue

    We currently receive applications from £1K to £100K